Growing Home Happy Hour and Uncommon Ground Beer Release

A restaurant that brews its own beer from an in-house brewery is a double threat of the highest degree. Just like how we all knew Justin Timberlake could sing, but then we were pleasantly surprised to find out he could act. He does it all! Uncommon Ground is Justin Timberlake. The restaurant now has its own in-house brewery, Greenstar Brewing, located adjacent to the Wrigleyville location. It's the perfect progression of Uncommon Ground's sustainability philosophies, sourcing brewable ingredients from farms to create seasonal ales and house ales right next door, using it to supply their taps. Thirsty yet? Get a first taste at Growing Home's Junior Board happy hour on November 5 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

The event serves to promote Growing Home's newly established Junior Board, Growing Home being a Chicago organization that strives to foster employment, training, and community development opportunities for Chicagoans, using organic agriculture as the medium for growth. The crux of the non-profit is targeting those with difficult access to employment and those in low income communities, serving as a boon for economic development.

Growing Home
(Growing Home in action. Photo: Growing Home)

The happy hour event will feature Goose Island Honkers and IPA, as well as Greenstar Brewing's pumpkin ale. There will also be several appetizers (and dessert!), including organic wild mushrooms stuffed with Gunthorp Farms chicken, grassfed beef and sage sliders, empanadas with feta, toasted almonds, and red peppers, and for dessert, Green Acres butternut squash and sweet potato pies.

Tickets are $25 per person, and proceeds benefit Growing Home. Purchase yours here.