GALLUCCI - CHICAGO, introducing Chicagoans to some marvelous Neapolitan creations

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At the head of the Gallucci kitchen is Gianni Gallucci,


At the head of the Gallucci Kitchen is Gianni Gallucci, an all-star player on the U.S. Pizza Team, who says he’s a traditionalist, working solidly within the respected and widely recognized culinary foodways of Neapolitan pizza-making (pizza, as we know it, was invented in Naples). Gallucci’s specialty is Tartufata, a white pizza made with black truffle cream and prosciutto di Parma aged, to concentrate flavor and firm the texture, for 600 days.


Chef Gallucci sticks to the fundamentals of Neapolitan pizza making, and his recipes, though many are time-honored classics, will surprise Chicagoans with stunning flavor combinations. Case in point: the Sorrentino is a white pizza with a beautiful composition of ingredients like thinly slice lemon, smoked mozzarella, bufala ricotta and basil).