Future Steakhouse Report

It’ll be hard to top the surge of steakhouses that flooded Chicago late last year and earlier in 2016, but there’s still lots to look forward to later this season and in the months to follow. Here are some of the top steakhouses we're most looking forward to in Chicago:


GT Prime
GT Prime

GT Prime: Giuseppe Tentori shucked gold with GT Fish & Oyster, his namesake seafood restaurant in River North. Now the seasoned chef is at it again with his upcoming venture, GT Prime. This time, Tentori goes in a meatier direction, offering what should be a more boutique, contemporary steakhouse experience. Somewhat similar to the menu format at GT Fish, diners can expect a more share plate-focused interpretation of steakhouse fare, with housemade steak sauces, and a casual, hip atmosphere. The restaurant is getting very close to opening, so keep your eyes peeled. 

BOA Steakhouse: Earlier this summer, t was just announced that a lavish Los Angeles brand, BOA Steakhouse, will be expanding to Chicago at some point in the not-too-distant future, with local restaurateur Jason Chan attached. Considering the ritzy and glitzy reputation attached to BOA, this should be one to watch. 

Steak 48: The original founders behind the venerable Mastro’s Steakhouse are at it again. This time, they’re working on an outpost of Steak 48, which just opened a location in Houston. The location at 615 N. Wabash is currently under construction, and if the Houston menus are any indication, steak-lovers can look forward to items like prime steakhouse meatballs, Burrata, fried deviled eggs, meatloaf, twin lobster tails, and of course plenty of steaks and chops like domestic Wagyu filet, petite filet mignon, bone-in Kansas City strip, and more. 

Steakhouse from Fork: While most of the imminent steakhouses skew lavish, there’s one coming soon to Lincoln Square that looks to go in a more casual, neighborhood-oriented direction. The yet to be named spot comes from the owners of Fork, also in Lincoln Square. Not much is known about the concept, other than that it’s going into the former Chalkboard and Homegrown space on Lincoln Avenue, but it’s safe to expect an Americana-inspired menu of dishes and drinks for adults in the family-filled ‘hood. 
- Matt Kirouac