French Chef's Fi fi fo foie gras!

Ever since, Chef Didier Durand, one of the activists against the 2006 ban, has celebrated gastronomic freedom of choice with an annual Foie Gras Festival in commemoration. Through June 29, Durand will highlight the delectable duck livers as well as other parts of ducks and geese at Cyrano's Farm Kitchen in River North with a variety of foie gras delicacies.

The French-born chef, chairman and active board member of Keep Food Legal, travels annually to Sarlat in Perigord, France, Fest D'Oie, a 16-course dinner focusing on goose.

At Cyrano's, a la carte festival menu items include a foie gras martini made with — of course — Grey Goose Vodka garnished with stuffed olives, foie gras and a crispy duck-skin rim ($12); appetizers such as moulard duck soup with foie gras-truffle dumplings ($9); pan-seared foie gras with creme de cassis, warm blackberries and mushroom-mashed potatoes ($18); Maple Leaf Farm duck terrine with toasted pistachios, basil and tomatoes ($10); tea-smoked, coffee-glazed duck wings and warm potato salad ($11); rotisserie Peking duck ($23); five-hour roasted goose with garlic-herb stuffing ($27) and more.

Reservations are recommended.