Explore Lakeview With GoLakeview App

Here's a genius idea. GoLakeview is a shiny new smart phone app designed to connect Lakeview residents and visitors to local businesses, services, events, and more. The free app is the first of its kind designed to highlight a specific Chicago neighborhood, created by developer Michael Johnson of New Media Three. Johnson says the inspiration for the app came from seeing so many smart phone users on public transit, and how everyone relies on their phones for information and ideas throughout their neighborhoods. With nothing tailored specifically to individual neighborhoods, Johnson decided to work on an app that would enable users on-the-go to easily search for info, ideas, and news on their phones, with a specific concentration on Lakeview. He approached the Lakeview and Lakeview East Chambers of Commerce with the idea and the rest is digital history.

GoLakeview home screen

With so many restaurants in Lakeview, the app serves as a handy dining guide as well. Food-related establishments are categorized to cater to a user's specific needs, such as bakery listings for people with sugar addictions and bars for imbibers. Business hours, descriptions, websites, phone numbers, and addresses are all accounted for, with the option to link to your GPS for directions. GoLakeview also has a daily specials section, packed with specials from Lakeview businesses, such as discount beers at one bar and $5 glasses of wine at another. Another neat feature is the explorer packs, which curate mini guides with a specific theme, such as places to go with your dog, dinner and a show, a craft beer tour, and others.

Local Favs

Seeing as the app idea is so easily applicable to other areas of the city, Johnson is already planning to expand to other neighborhoods, and eventually beyond Chicago. GoWorld!