EVER - CHICAGO one of the most anticipated restaurants to open

The subject of a feature length movie of the same name, Grace brought Duffy international attention for his highly individual vision of the food universe and its infinite possibilities. At Ever, as at Grace, Duffy is offering tasting menus ($285/person) that represent a kaleidoscopic journey into the mind of someone who is totally committed to crafting and presenting the perfect bite.

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Ever describes their offering as an “8- to 10-course tasting menu focusing on proteins from the land and sea and seasonal vegetables complemented with fruits, grains, seeds and nuts.” That may sound simple, but in the magical hands of Curtis Duffy, expect the spectacular as foods so basic are transformed into extraordinary creations that tread the line between food and art. Menus will change regularly, of course, sometimes perhaps daily, so it’s best to check their website to see what you can expect when you come to Ever to dine.



The Ever environment has been aesthetically engineered to make diners feel as though they’re walking into a new kind of restaurant space: undulant wooden walls lead diners through the entryway, hung with 70 chains holding dehydrated fruits, vegetables and herbs that reflect what you will see on your plate. Once in the dining room, a noise-dampening ceiling system puts a hush over the room, which is designed to look… perfect: the lighting is museum quality, the tables are smudge-proof and black, the better to show off the plates, which are works of art in and of themselves.