Eat Your Greens at These 7 Steakhouses

The imminent (or current) dog days of summer are as apt time as any to fill up on fresh vegetables. Gotta keep it tight for beach body season! While steakhouses may not seem like the most obvious first choices for such a thing, they’re in fact loaded with plenty of abundant produce beyond the standard side dish fillers. 


Harry Caray's
Heirloom tomato bruschetta at Harry Caray's

Maybe it has something to do with the Italian stylings of this River North steakhouse, but there’s as much vegetables as meat at this longstanding Harry Caray’s institution. For starters, tomato bruschetta and heirloom tomato caprese sing of summer freshness, along with numerous salad options and entree options like eggplant Parmigiana with fresh basil and linguini Toscano with Tuscan kale, grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and pesto. 

Onion rings count as a vegetable, right? Either way, they’re a great way to kick off a summery meal at III Forks Prime Steakhouse, along with a miscellany of other vegetal delights like tomatoes and Burrata, vegetable ravioli, off-the-cob cream corn and the namesake III Forks salad with toasted pecans, blue cheese, Granny Smith apples and maple-pecan vinaigrette. 

Vegetable selections skew eclectic at Tavern on Rush, where diners can start with lemon dill hummus or artichoke-crab dip before progressing to a wedge salad, a vegan burger, and cavatappi corkscrew pasta with buffalo mozzarella and tomato cream vodka sauce. A little bit of Middle Eastern, American, and Italian flavors all rolled into one!

One of the most exciting and unique openings in recent memory, Boeufhaus continues to innovate the steakhouse template with numerous veg-centric dishes that are destination-worthy in and of themselves. A bracing place of crudite arrives with green goddess dressing, while chickpea fritters are served with fennel panisse and sauce vierge. There’s also polenta with a “tapenade” of escargots, cauliflower gratin and leek spaetzle with brown butter and herbs, just to name a few. 

It’s easy to fill up on vegetables at The Grill on the Alley, where vibrant plates of produce include spinach-artichoke dip, a signature Cobb salad, chipotle cheddar cream corn and mac & cheese loaded with mushrooms. 

At Petterino’s, guests can indulge in Burrata-loaded bruschetta and rich tomato bisque before tearing into the Fritzel, one of the best salads in the area with Boston lettuce, hearts of palm and avocado. There’s also a prix fixe menu filled with vegetable-centric options, like ricotta-spinach gnocchi and minestrone soup. 

Even without meat, dishes at Michael Jordan’s Steak House are unabashedly indulgent and deeply comforting. Like a salt roasted beet salad with Burrata and pistachios, or tri-colored carrots with harissa yogurt and Marcona almonds, or lobster bisque brimming with seasonal vegetables like ramps and morel mushrooms. 

- Matt Kirouac