Drumbar Debuts Netflix-inspired Cocktail Menu

“Netflix and chill” takes on new meaning at Drumbar, where the new cocktail menu is entirely Netflix-themed for the season, aptly dubbed #CocktailsandChill. One of the most underrated craft cocktail bars in Chicago, nestled on the roof of the Raffaello Hotel in Streeterville, Drumbar routinely features some of the most exciting mixed drinks in town. And the latest batch is no different, featuring a slew of television- and movie-inspired cocktails created by the dexterous bar staff. Such a menu couldn’t have come at a better time either, as the weather continues to cool and Chicagoans look for cozy indoor activities. Here’s a rundown of the new cocktail menu and what you should be drinking these days. 


Photo courtesy of Drumbar

Spearheaded by head bartender Whitney Morrow, along with the rest of the Drumbar team, the menu features a variety of drinks directly inspired by popular Netflix staples. Even the menu itself is designed to resemble the Netflix home page, and each cocktail has a star rating from one to five. Though in this case, the star ratings refer to alcohol content and how boozy each one is. 

Fans of House of Cards would enjoy the Frank Underwood cocktail, made with pisco, mezcal, madeira, lemon, apple, elderberry and Prosecco, a curious punch of smoky, sweet and fruity all in one glass. It’s an ode to Underwood’s fierce persona in the show, notorious for his strong and blunt appearance, and his abrupt finish. 

One of the most popular Netflix shows in recent memory gets a shoutout with the Stranger Things cocktail. This one features Absolut vodka, sherry, Concord grape, lemon, fennel and aromatic ylang ylang flower. 


Photo courtesy of Drumbar

Movies get their dues as well, like Desperado, which is basically a chocolate-y margarita made with cocoa nib-infused Tromba Reposado, Aperol, Suze and salt. 

The Ron Swanson, so named for the saucy Anchorman who loved his Scotch, is basically a maple- and Scotch-splashed Manhattan. Rightfully one of the boozier drinks on the menu, this one contains Buffalo Trace, Cynar, ancho chile, maple, soy and a Lagavulin rinse. 

Other drinks get their name from color and appearance, like the Orange is the New Black, essentially a sweet potato-infused mai tai. The fruity and drinkable quaff goes down easy, made with Rhine Hall mango brandy, lemon, salted sweet potato, Grand Marnier and Thai bitters. 

Nostalgia-lovers will appreciate The One Where Chandler Gets Caught, a Friends-inspired ode to the ’90’s with Hennessy VS, mulled red wine and apricot lemon ginger. 

There’s lots more where these came from, so hit up Drumbar immediately for some #CocktailsandChill. 

- Matt Kirouac