Donuts You Can Drink

Here are two words sure to rattle your soul: donut milkshakes. Separately, donuts and milkshakes are two of life's sweetest pleasures, but together they team up like a dessert Transformer to become a sucker punch of sugary indulgence. Obviously, you must have this. And you can on July 15, as Beavers Coffee + Donuts launches donut milkshakes at the Chicago French Market.

The treats are inspired by the cake and shake, something I have never had myself, but whose lore I have long admired. Sounds simple enough: cake blended into a milkshake, making it all too easy to slurp delicious calories directly into your mouth at a rapid rate. It's a similar thing here, but with sugar-dusted donuts in lieu of cake. Ya know how you've always wanted to drink donuts? Now you can! The shakes are 16 oz., and come in vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate, each one adornable with mix-ins such as caramel sauce and marshmallows. Shakes go for $5 a pop, which is a great value considering it's basically two desserts in one.

Donut milkshakes
(Donut milkshake army)