Corona Time: Best Chicago Restaurants for Carryout/Curbside/Delivery

Support your local restaurants by ordering food for carryout, curbside pickup and delivery;     click here    to locate restaurants near you that, though their dining rooms are closed, are still in business. You can also buy souvenir tee shirts and other gear to support them…as well as gift certificates to be used later so that restaurants will be able to maintain some revenue stream during this crisis.


Illinois Governor Pritzker has closed the state’s restaurant dining rooms to limit the spread of Corona virus. It’s a reality we must live with, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the food of our favorite restaurants.


In responses to the virus, some Chicago restaurants have instituted new options, and other restaurants that had previously offered carryout or delivery are now offering curbside service and expanding their menus to satisfy the tastes of all of us who are staying home and out of harm’s way.


Many of these Chicago restaurants are doing their best to provide additional layers of hygiene and security to make sure that carryout, curbside and delivery orders come to you quickly and with maximum safety.


Here are five of Chicago’s best restaurants that are offering carryout, curbside or delivery to limit your exposure during these troubling times.


Honey Butter Fried Chicken


Honey Butter Fried Chicken. Avondale’s Honey Butter Fried Chicken delivers just the type of comfort food that will make you and yours very happy even during a difficult period in our nation’s history. There are many sizes of fried chicken plates to choose from, as well as some salads to help balance out all that rich and delicious fried fowl. Try the roasted garlic grits (repels vampires and known for natural antibiotic qualities).


Big Star. Big Star, Paul Kahan’s landmark taco joint, always offered takeout but now it’s adding curb service to its offerings: you just pull up and they bring your food to you, no need to get out of your vehicle. Specializing in “Mexican street food,” Big Star goes beyond what you might think of as “typically Mexican” with tofu skin stew, mole spiced carrots and other cool stuff to keep you happy as you nest indoors with Netflix.


Avli Taverna. With take-out/curb service and delivery, Avli Taverna in River North and all other locations (!) does everything they can to make sure you get a chance to enjoy their upgraded Greek menu in the comfort of your own home. In addition to skordalia, souvlakia and other classics, you can also order a saganaki that’s closer to what they serve in Greece: no flames, just the grilled cheese with some very complementary figs.




Little Goat. Stephanie Izard’s Randolph Street diner is designed for easy pickup and delivery, and they offer both. On the menu are sour dough pancakes, a big biscuit with gravy, Spanish omelet and maybe some other items you can make at home…but let’s admit it, you may not make them as well as Chef Izard can. There are also some items you probably would never try to make at home – like a parathas burrito or a bi bim bop breakfast bowl – but that you might want to check out in an effort to make your time indoors a little more exciting.


Funkenhausen. Offering curbside, takeout and delivery – direct from the restaurant or through Caviar – Funkenhausen has what it takes to make a meal at home seem extra special. Pretzels, house-made sauerkraut and smoked spareribs travel especially well. Pour yourself a beer, and you will have yourself a funky time in your house during what may seem to some to be the worst of times.