Chicago is known as a steak and potatoes town, but everyone also knows Chi is home to some wonderful wieners -- even the great New York Times has offered a recipe for the humble Chicago hot dog. Of course, summer is the right time for hot dogs, and here are ten of Chicago’s best places to go the famous sausage in a bun.

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Gene & Jude's

Gene & Jude’s serves what’s called a “Depression dog,” and it’s just the sausage, onions, mustard, relish and peppers on a bun…with fantastic fries thrown into the deal.

Fatso’s Last Stand is a Ukrainian Village favorite, and you’re going to want to get yours with their notoriously good house-made mac n’ cheese.

Byron’s Hot Dog Haus is the place to go for the classic Chicago hot dog; from celery salt to the poppy seed bun, this is our city’s signature sausage.

Lola’s Coney Island has Chicago dogs, of course, but they’re known for Detroit dogs, the sausage with a mild bean-free chili on top.


Superdawg is special: the wiener is wider than usual, though dressed with the usual condiments…and a hunk of dill tomato.

Jimmy’s Red Hots has been going strong since 1954, serving the classic Chicago dog…but beware: requests for ketchup may be met with strong pushback.

Fat Johnnie’s Red Hots is a south side classic, serving the internationally recognized dog as well as the Mother-in-Law, which Anthony Bourdain called “perhaps the greatest, most uniquely Chicago food invention.”

Mustard's Last Stand

Mustard’s Last Stand, beloved by Northwestern University students, serves classics in a friendly, no-frills, family-run operation.

Wiener’s Circle is where the hungry go for light-hearted abuse from counter people…and a darn good char dog.

Express Grill is a carry-over from the old Maxwell Street Market, where some believe the Chicago hot dog originated!

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