Caviar Takes the Spotlight at RPM Steak

RPM Steak is already one of the more luxurious dining destinations in town, but they’re upping the ante with the recent addition of caviar service, making them one of the few restaurants in town to spotlight the opulent ingredient in such a way. It’s an apt way to elevate any dinner and get your beefy meal started on the right note. Here’s what you need to know about RPM Steak’s latest addition:


RPM Steak

The caviar of choice is Sasanian Caviar, one of the most revered purveyors of roe—both imported and American—in the world. Guests have a few options for experiencing the lavish product, including traditional and uncommon preparations. For the former, try RPM’s classic caviar service, wherein guests can choose from Russian Osetra, Royal Osetra Malossol and Elite Reserve Oscietra, all of which come in a one-ounce tin served table-side on a silver platter with fresh potato chips and creme fraiche. 

For an unconventional route, caviar is available as a supplement to smoked salmon potato skins and lobster scrambled eggs, fusing a bit of upscale with items rooted in classic comfort flavors. 

Additionally, RPM Steak is hosting a special “Caviar & Cocktails” dinner on October 28 at 7 p.m. The affair features caviar across a spectrum of dishes, like cauliflower panna cotta, dry-aged beef and oysters bearnaise. The five-course meal will also come with beverage pairings. The cost to attend is $225 per person. 

- Matt Kirouac