Candy Crush Crawl

Regardless of whether or not you're single this Valentine's Day, you're never alone when candy is involved. Candy loves you. Candy is there for you. Candy won't sleep with other people. Valentine's Day is a day to honor candy. And no better way than the epic Candy Crush Crawl set to go down this weekend on February 8 through Wrigleyville. It's a bar crawl like no other, in that it will threaten your cavities and potentially get you sugar-drunk. As Clark Street transforms into Candy Land's Rainbow Road, revisit your childhood boardgame memories in real life, with the added bonus of intoxication.

Candy Crush Crawl

10 bars are set to participate in the Candy Crush Crawl, including John Barleycorn, Red Ivy, Old Crow Smokehouse, Moe's Cantina, and Sluggers. Along with hordes of candy, each bar will offer drink specials, so you can steadily get drunk along the way, which is something you hopefully didn't do playing Candy Land as a child. A $30 golden ticket grants access to all 10 spots from noon until 6:00 p.m.,along with a neon backpack for stocking candy, and sweet swag like a T-shirt and beanie. Prizes will be doled out for most unique Candy Crush attire, so go as your best Gramma Nutt, Plumpy, or Princess Lolly. Or if you're feeling saucy, Gloppy the Molasses Monster.

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- Matt Kirouac