Brunch Bites: New Brunches Take Flight at The Drinkingbird and Bistronomic Restaurant

In this week's batch of brunch news, a retro Vegas-inspired bar/restaurant kicks off weekend brunch to cure your hangover woes and a modern French bistro updates its seasonal menu.

The Drinkingbird brunch

(Brunch at The Drinkingbird. Photo: The Drinkingbird)

Feel free to get drunk Friday or Saturday evening, because there's brunch at The Drinkingbird to soothe your liver wounds. As the motto goes at the retro, Vegas-inspired barstaurant, "Be Brave Tonight. There's brunch tomorrow." OK. So basically throw caution to the wind because there's pigs in a blanket, corned beef hash, and "Elvis" pancakes in the a.m. and everything will be alright. One of the latest spots to start serving weekend brunch, The Drinkingbird offers a unique alternative to your typical stroller-packed brunch queue, what with its unabashedly mid-century Vegas vibe and deconstructed buffet menu. Just like the types of comfort foods you would crave during a savage hangover in a Vegas hotel, The Drinkingbird slings elevated brunch grub such as pigs in blankets made with bourbon maple sausage and buckwheat pancakes, Elvis pancakes featuring buckwheat pancakes strewn with bacon lardons and crunchy peanut-maple syrup, and that old chestnut that is the broiled grapefruit topped with brown sugar, farmers' cheese, and honey, with a grape nut muffin for good measure. And considering the name of the place, one would definitely expect a decent drink or two. The brandy milk punch is sure to bolster your morning better than coffee, featuring a medley of Pierre Ferrand 1840, Myers dark rum, coconut cream, and nutmeg, and the sake punch invigorates with Kikushi Funaguchi and housemade hibiscus punch. Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Brunch isn't new at Bistronomic restaurant, but the restaurant recently unveiled a new brunch menu with fall stylings. True to chef Martial Noguier's modern French bistro philosophies, the latest brunch iteration provides a cozier interpretation of the weekend meal. Because not a goddamn thing satisfies an autumnal brunch craving like a warm Camembert sandwich with honey-truffle butter, apples, and arugula. Constructed almost like the dinner menu, Bistronomic's brunch is categorized in a somewhat formal layout, with appetizers such as Chioggia and yellow beet salad, chicken liver mousse, and housemade country pâté. There are a few sandwiches, including the aforementioned necessity, plus a brioche club sandwich, a croque monsieur, and the Bistronomic burger, followed by several entrees. Try the pork belly Benedict, a French-style Denver omelette, the quiche Lorraine, challah French toast with lime zest and spiced cherries, or flat-iron steak with farm eggs and duck fat fingerling potatoes.