Brunch Bites: Fish Bar and iNG

In this week's batch of brunch bites, Fish Bar begins brunch and iNG serves brunch for the first time ever.

Fish Bar
(Fish Bar gets in on the brunch game)

Ahoy! There's a new brunch menu in town and it's positively riddled with nautical puns. Fish Bar is the latest restaurant to instate brunch, serving up seafaring dishes in the a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays beginning March 15. You love the slick seafood shack for its fish tacos, tartare, calamari, and po' boys, now you have lots more to love. Get hungry for beignets, scrambled eggs with housemade gravlax, crabby patty eggs Benedict, and poached eggs Sardou inspired by Antoine's in New Orleans, with crispy artichokes, creamed spinach, and béarnaise sauce. There's plenty to drink too, thanks to DMK beverage director Michael Rubel. Look for beer-based, hangover-soothing cocktails such as Cheladas and Micheladas, as well as the Bait and Tackle, a riff on a Cuban Cerveza made with Six Point Crisp Pilsner, lime, and ginger beer.

Homaro Cantu is a big get for brunch. The acclaimed, boundary-pushing chef introduces brunch for the first time ever at iNG, which serves as a supplement to the restaurant's new "craft beer experience" tasting menu. A much more casual, leisurely affair than one might expect of tasting menu-oriented iNG, the Sunday brunch menu is a la carte, featuring items such as roasted chicken with kochujang, pilsner, maple syrup, and beer sourdough waffle; maple and stout breakfast sausage with red wine-braised cabbage, caramelized onions, and beer sourdough pancake noodles; orange-Oberon French toast with beer buttercream and candied oranges; and biscuits with chorizo and braised pig face.

- Matt Kirouac