Beat the Heat With These Summer Beers

On the down side, summer may cause you to sweat through your best garb. On the up side, you can always drown your sorrows in cold beer. Nothing says "I've got it together" this summer quite like one of these five quenching beers. Each one of them provides its own style of refreshment, as explained by Anthony Norkus, craft and specialty brands manager at Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. Peruse the list below and get ready to crack open many cold ones.

5 Rabbit Brewery is a Chicago-based brewery with a Latin accent, providing unique beers emboldened by below the border-ish flavors. Take the 5 Lizard for example. This wheat beer is lightly spicy, creamy, and brimming with tangy notes of passion fruit. It goes down smooth and it's sure to pair wonderfully with any number of patio tacos, tortilla chips, and sunshine.

5 Lizard

The All Day IPA from Founder's Brewing Co. says it all. You'll want to drink this beer all day long and forget about the world. It's smooth as silk and dangerously easy to drink, making it a welcome addition to a boisterois BBQ or street party. Next month, it will be available in cans, so there's really no excuse not to drink it constantly.

Founder's All Day IPA

If it's German beer you crave, look no further than Reissdorf Kolsch. This crisp ale is pale gold and light, with a marshmallow-y white and fluffy head. It's a bracing beverage ideal for taking the sting out of awkward family gatherings, or soothing your sunburn wounds.

Reissdorf Kolsch

Unibrou's Blanche de Chambly is a fizzy, light beer perfect for classy porch drinking. Champagne-like bubbles in this Belgian white ale give way to notes of coriander and clove, with subtle citrus flavor and a milky white head. Pop this puppy open and your friends will think higher of you.

Blanche de Chambly

Privat Pils is a potent German pilsner from Hirter. It's light on the citrus, heady with fresh grain, and clean and crisp. The formula endears it well to just about any food you can put in your mouth during the summer months. Make this a fixture in your cooler. You're welcome.

Privat Pils