Beat The Deep Freeze With These Tasty Recipes


Weather this cold gives you an excuse to dine in more often than out, so we tracked down some of the city’s most talented culinary stars for recipes you can make on your own. From exotic new takes on the classic Hot Toddy to an offbeat chili recipe using habanero-roasted sunflower seeds, these dishes and drinks will certainly warm you down to the bones.

  • belly Q's Terrasueno is by top mixologist Peter Vestinos and is an Asian take on the classic Hot Toddy. It uses sweet potato shochu, a popular Japanese spirit.
  • At David Burke's Primehouse, Executive Pastry Chef Jove Hubbard is all about rich, thick and decadent hot chocolate. His Pumpkin & Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate is an ideal after-dinner drink that may be topped off with a shot of bourbon.
  • On an intensely cold day, L20's luxury Scotch Toddy (see below) is certain to hit the spot. It was created by Allison Frey.

  • We’re pretty stoked about one of Maude’s Liquor Bar's newest items on Dustin Tripp's winter menu, Caramelized Brussels Sprouts. They perfectly complement boneless rib eye steak or roast farm chicken.
  • Michael Kornick of MK offers a Slow-Cooked Leg and Strudel of Rabbit (with English peas, pearl onions and curry-scented carrot puree) that's certain to stick to your ribs. .
  • The easy-to-make Pasta con Salsa di Porcini comes from Tony Priolo of  Piccolo Sogno. You can never go wrong with home-style Italian fare, but it's the freshly chopped fresh sage, rosemary and thyme that really bring out the flavors in this dish.
  • Three Aces' offbeat Chili Verde (pictured at top) is from Executive Chef Matt Troot. Its standout flavors of juicy tomatillos and garlic-and-habanero-roasted sunflower seeds will have you coming back for more. And more..