A Sweet Sensation of Sippers

Godiva Chocolate Raspberry-Infused Vodka. (Photo: Godiva Chocolate Vodka)

We’re always a little skeptical when a new flavor-infused spirit pops up on the market. And of course, we’ve tasted just about all of them, from jalapeno-tinged tequila and cucumber-flavored vodka to a peachy red rum.

While many taste synthetic in flavor (with some brandishing an awful aftertaste), one that certainly impresses is Godiva Chocolate Vodka, which also comes in Chocolate Raspberry. We sipped it on the rocks, and found it to be a delicious and delightful alternative to the typical after-dinner dessert drink. It’s certainly rich, with Godiva’s chocolaty notes complementing finely distilled vodka. And what’s awesome is that it’s almost as good as the real thing: nibbling on the famous truffles right out of the box.

Blackbird Head Mixologist Lynn House used both Godiva vodkas during the recent celebrity nuptials of “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd and television writer Lamar Sally. Kiss the Bride (Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Vodka, Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, simple syrup and infused with fresh organic raspberries) and Lover's Lane (Godiva Chocolate Vodka, fresh organic cream, homemade marmalade syrup, orange bitters, garnished with fresh orange zest) were so popular that many guests drank them throughout the event, forgoing wine and champagne. “Guests were coming up to the bar and getting two, three drinks at a time,” House said.

Chasity “Bar Star” Beasley, who works Thursdays at Fulton’s on the River and a few days at Family Den on the South Side, was excited to work with Godiva vodka for some fun, dessert-style drinks.

“That’s my style of bartending,” she gushed. “I like sweet drinks.” Beasley was nicknamed “Bar Star” by customers because they claim that “she makes them see stars with her drinks.” And we got a taste of exactly what that means.

Goddess of Berries was a luscious, creamy concoction of Godiva Chocolate vodka, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, and muddled strawberries and blueberries. Topped with a sprig of mint and raspberries in an ice-cold Champagne Coupe, it was one drink we consumed right down to the bottom of the glass.

And Peppermint Patty perfectly blended muddled mint leaves, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, Godiva Chocolate Vodka and Dekuyper Signature Crème De Menthe. For a signature touch on this tasty treat, Beasley dipped the rim of the Champagne Coupe in chocolate sauce and froze it for five minutes. The shaken ingredients were then poured into the glass and garnished with a “slapped” mint sprig.

GT Fish & Oyster’s Johnny Costello created some pretty intense cocktails with Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Vodka. His drinks harked back to his days at the martini-focused Tiny Lounge, where making chocolate martinis was a regular occurrence. They also managed to pair well with the intense flavors of GT’s solid seafood dishes, such as an oyster Po’Boy and lobster and foie gras terrine, which we thought would be an impossible task. Here’s what Costello came up with, including Dark, Bitter and Sweet—his take on the classic Negroni:

Cacao Club

2 oz Godiva Raspberry Chocolate
1 oz raspberry syrup (Puree or 6-8 fresh muddled)*
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
1 egg white

Combine all ingredients and dry shake for 20 seconds. Add ice and shake until frothy cold about 30 seconds. Pour into an up glass and garnish. Garnish with cracked coffee beans and a mint top. *If you go the fresh berry route you will need to add about a 1/2 oz of simple syrup.

Dark, Bitter and Sweet

1 1/2 oz Godiva Raspberry Chocolate
3/4 oz Cynar
3/4 oz Dolins Sweet Vermouth

Combine and stir in a mixing glass about 30 revolutions. Strain and serve neat with a swath of grapefruit. You may also serve this over one large cube in a rocks glass. Garnish with a swath of grapefruit.