XO Marshmallow

6977 North Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL, 60626

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XO Marshmallow

XO Marshmallow - Chicago

The goal of XO Marshmallow is to bring the nostalgia of sipping cocoa with marshmallows, or roasting s'mores by the campfire, into the 21st century with a modern and colorful twist. The shop takes the fluffy treat and upgrades it, using premium ingredients to develop innovative flavors. These range from classic vanilla bean to Champagne.

The "s'mallows" are the perfect size to snack on or share with friends Each small batch of gourmet marshmallows is hand-crafted to ensure consistent quality for marshmallow lovers of all ages.‚Äč

In June of 2017 (after only being in business for a year with an online store) and after constant demand from customers and marshmallow lovers alike, XO Marshmallow became the city's first ever marshmallow cafe. The Rogers Park shop is tailor-made for the Instagram era, with a vibrant motif, cute pillows and adorable signage.

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