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Tavern On Rush

Tavern On Rush

For business lunches or romantic dinners, Tavern on Rush, in Chicago’s classic entertainment district, serves some of Chicago’s best steak. The lunch menu at Tavern on Rush will surprise you with a range of delicious chow. There’s the seared tuna, shrimp or crab cocktail and oysters either raw or cooked up in classic preparations like Rockefeller, but there are also some wilder selections thrown in. The fried lobster tails are perfectly luxurious finger food, and you might conceivably end your lunch right there (they’re that good), but there’s also pork pot stickers and hummus to round out the international offerings. For more substantial options, there’s a dozen different soups and salads, and a magnificent range of burger choices, including ribeye steak sandwich and a bison burger, accompanied by a large number of seafood and poultry options. It’s safe to say that if a diner can’t find something to like on this lunch menu, that diner will likely not find anything to like anywhere.

Address: 1031 N. Rush St., Chicago

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