Tango Sur

3763 N. Southport Ave., Chicago, IL, 60613

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Tango Sur

Tango Sur - Chicago

The insanely popular BYO Argentinean steakhouse makes its home not too far away from Wrigley Field, which means that it's a popular destination after Cubs games.

Tango Sur is from the same folks who also own ñ, but Tango Sur is more chef driven and focused on special preparations of classic Argentine entrees. Chef "specials" include a number of share-able seafood and meat dishes; lomo relleno (half slab Argentine filet filled with chimichurri and ham sauce, then cooked and served on a grill with Portabella marsala) and vacio (half slab of range-grown flap meat, sliced and filled with olive oil, garlic and parsley sauce, then cooked and served on a grill with roasted sweet potatoes) are two of the most popular.

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