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Swift & Sons

Swift & Sons

With a nod to local history and a feel for modern luxury, Swift & Sons is a novel Chicago steakhouse that makes for delicious memories. Swift & Sons is located in Fulton Market, a neighborhood that was once the blue-collar meatpacking district of the city, and the steakhouse pays ample homage to those roots. The restaurant is named for one of the cattle barons of 19th century Chicago, Gustavus Franklin Swift, and the décor brings to life the imagined offices of his company, inside a warehouse that used to be cold storage for the kind of steaks they now serve.

The expansive restaurant has many seating areas, allowing for an intimate feel despite the size of the place. The dining room is warmed with leather banquettes and burnished gold accents, as well as massive concrete pillars that hail back to the space’s original use as a warehouse. Tables are well-spaced so that diners have room to breathe and immerse themselves in the meal. Trust us: you’ll want to give your full attention to what’s on your plate.

The menu at Swift & Sons plays with classic meat cuts, quality seafood, and innovative fare that you won’t find on your typical steakhouse menu. The appetizers set the scene with such rich and refined plates that you’ll need to remind yourself to leave room for the main course. Chopped steak tartare, with Dijon and shallots, and the foie gras terrine, accented with rhubarb and mint, are the starters of choice for the meat lover, decadent, luscious and full of flavor.

Address: 1000 W. Fulton Market, Chicago

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