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KICK Chicago, brings a bold culinary approach to Chicago’s North Center neighborhood by throwing convention out the window and offering a no-limits approach to heat, spice, and fire. From the globetrotting contemporary menu -- featuring flavorful fare from far-flung spots such as Mexico, Vietnam, India, Peru, Argentina and Italy -- to the vibrant volcano-inspired interior, KICK stimulates the senses on all fronts. KICK melds the heat and spice of many cuisine traditions into one culinary adventure. Although KICK’s menu favors heat, dishes are not comprised entirely of fiery peppers, but rather a global fusion of bold flavors such as garlic, ginger, wasabi, cumin, garam masala, hot mustard, cayenne and cilantro. The bar service at KICK takes a simplified approach to beer, wine and cocktails, with a small core of premium products that pair with KICK’s bold cuisine and are standouts in their respective categories.

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Address: 1943 W. Byron St., Chicago, IL 60613

Neighborhood: North Center

Region: Chicago North

County: Cook County

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