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At III Forks, the steaks are Old School; the space is Now; some of Chicago’s very best USDA prime steaks are served in swanky surroundings. In the lead of many of Chicago’s best steak restaurants that provide both unbelievably high-quality red meat in sleek, contemporary environments, III Forks balances between both worlds, the time-honored quality of the Chicago steak experience and the more modern, clubby feel of some of Chicago’s most popular, recently opened and stylish restaurants. Taking a generous slice of Lakeshore East under its roof, III Forks is the Chicago outpost of a restaurant group that also has locations in several other steak-loving cities, including Houston and Dallas. III Forks does not mince words: they are shooting to be the very best at what they do. As their site explains: “III Forks Steakhouse embodies the Best of the American Steakhouse. The finest USDA Prime steak, mouthwatering, buttery lobster and ocean-fresh seafood are prepared to perfection, exact to order. We hand-select the finest USDA Prime and only deem the top .005% of beef acceptable. Our selection offers abundant marbling, juiciness, tenderness, and superior flavor. Experience the warm and intimate surroundings of a preferred fine dining restaurant.” Going for more than just the best steak in Chicago, III Forks is taking a bigger picture view, aiming to provide a next level fine dining experience, and that means outstanding wine.

Address: 180 N. Field Blvd., Chicago

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