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Byron's Hot Dog Haus - Ravenswood

Byron's Hot Dog Haus - Ravenswood

Established in 1975, Byron's has the sliced tomato, dill pickle slices, raw onions, sport peppers, yellow mustard and celery salt of the customary Chicago hot dog but they also add shredded lettuce, sliced cucumbers and green bell peppers to their "dragged through the garden" skinless wieners. Purists may prefer to order a burger, but when when the White House wanted Chicago-style dogs for its 2010 congressional picnic, they called on Byron's owner, Mike Payne.

Byron's has another location in Wrigleyville.

Read more about Byron's in "Eat this! The Chicago hot dog, born in the Great Depression."

Contact Information

Address: 1701 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL 60640

Neighborhood: Uptown

Region: Chicago North

County: Cook

Phone: Show phone

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