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“Benny’s Way” is how the people at Benny’s Chophouse explain their strategy for delivering the best steak and wine experience to Chicago. The best steak and the best wine. That’s what Benny’s Chophouse aims to deliver. The best steak at Benny’s Chophouse is USDA Prime and covers all the traditional bases: filet mignon, rib eye and strip steaks. There are also a special category of dry aged steaks: bone-in rib eye and New York Strip, T-Bone, porterhouse and Tomahawk. These are the cuts you’d expect to see at a steak house, and Chicago Magazine approvingly puts Benny’s Chophouse on their list of Best Steak Houses, adding “the USDA prime steaks are spot-on…the usual wet- and dry-aged cuts. A third category features all-natural beef free of hormones and antibiotics straight from a private farm in Arizona: Sink your teeth into that buttery, impeccably seasoned 12-ounce New York strip and you can almost taste the farm-fresh TLC.” Steaks can be crusted with black pepper or horseradish, or served underneath bone marrow butter or seared foie gras or any one of a dozen other toppings. It’s fun to try different toppings, but with steak this good, it’s kind of gilding the lily. Then there’s the specialty selection, which includes two steaks less commonly seen on Chicago steak house menus: Wagyu skirt steak and Japanese Kobe filet.

Address: 444 N. Wabash St., Chicago

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