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Lincoln Park Conservatory

Visit the Lincoln Park Conservatory for a double dose of nature, conveniently located just steps away from the Lincoln Park Zoo! It all started in 1877, when the Lincoln Park Commission established a greenhouse at the Lincoln Park site. Alongside the entrance of the Industrial Revolution, architects in both the U.S. and Europe used glass and iron in construction. Nationally renowned architect Joseph Lyman Silsbee designed the Lincoln Park Conservatory in collaboration with another Chicago architect, Mifflin E. Bell. They created a glass building that would support "a luxuriant tropical growth, blending the whole into a natural grouping of Nature's loveliest forms." Silsbee gave the conservatory an exotic form by creating a series of trusses in the shape of ogee arches, which makes it extra appealing to the eye. The Spring Flower Show and Winter Train and Flower Show are beloved favorites held at the Conservatory. The four room area it is held in is small enough to see everything in a single walkthrough, but take your time! It's all in the delightful details.

Address: 2391 N. Stockton Dr., Chicago

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