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Chronicles of the Cursed: The Sinkhole

The Sinkhole is one of the centers of paranormal activity in Chicago. Several years ago, a sinkhole formed on the 500 block of West Grand Avenue in the Chicago Tribune Freedom Center's parking lot. Ever since, mysterious noises and visions have been reported, leading many to believe there may be haunted activity beneath the city's streets. People have been reported missing by the Sinkhole, skeletons have been uncovered, and abnormal animal activity has occurred. The question of hauntings in Chicago is at its apex by the sinkhole. Around Halloween, the Sinkhole hosts haunted tours for those brave enough to explore the grounds.

Location Information

Address: 560 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL 60654

Neighborhood: West Town

Region: Chicago West

County: Cook

Phone: Show phone

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Chronicles of the Cursed: The Sinkhole
Chronicles of the Cursed: The Sinkhole


Chronicles of the Cursed: The Sinkhole

Hours of Operation

7-11 p.m. October 22-25 and 28-31

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