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David Lissner
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The West Loop is Chicago’s New Burger Capital

Chicago’s New Burger Capital . The West Loop has never been beefier, as more and more hot burger options pop up throughout the neighborhood. . The O.G.’s of the West Loop’s burger boom are Grange Hall Burger Bar and Au Cheval. The former is a modest, pastoral haven slinging homey fare you might expect to […]

Sweet of the Week: Ice Cream Sandwiches at Umami Burger

Ice Cream Sandwiches Ice Cream Sandwiches One huge bit of news that comes with the Umami Burger opening that people aren’t really talking about is the debut of Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches in Chicago. These feverishly popular desserts originated as a chilly food truck in L.A. and has since spawned offshoots in New York, Austin, […]