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David Lissner
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Valentine’s Day Dining Guide 2017

Where to eat, drink and toast to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. . . The most romantic day of the year is coming up, which means one of the biggest days for dining out and trying to impress your loved one. Fortunately, Chicago is filled with fresh dining options and ideas that won’t make […]

Chicago’s Lottie’s Turns 82 , Surly Darkness Eve

Chicago’s Lottie’s Turns 82 , Surly Darkness Eve: Weekend Planner   Chicago’s Lottie’s Pub Turns 82 Considering restaurants and bars typically age in dog years, it’s quite a feat for a neighborhood establishment to turn 82. For nearly a century, Lottie’s Pub has been a mainstay in Bucktown, and the beloved standby is celebrating its […]

Spring Flower Workshop, St. Joseph’s Day Zeppole

Spring Flower Workshop   After the onslaught of green beer and general debauchery that comes with St. Patrick’s Day, it’s refreshing to see a wholesome holiday come along. Especially one hinged on Italian doughnuts. St. Joseph’s Day takes place March 19, and to celebrate the holiday, Osteria Via Stato is slinging traditional zeppole. One of […]

Halloween Dining, Drinking, Snacking Guide

. . . . …….Halloween Dining, Drinking, Snacking Guide . . ……………. SEE FULL STORY . . . . . . . Fat Rice: Inspired by Kill Bill, that famous Tarantino kung-flu film starring a vengeful Uma Thurman, Fat Rice is serving up “Kill Grill” for Halloween, transforming into a “haunted izakaya” for the holiday. […]

Eat Pink in October: Breast Cancer Awareness Specials

Eat Pink in October: Breast Cancer Awareness Specials   SEE FULL STORY  For more about Chicago Steaks see:   CHICAGO’S BEST STEAKS & STEAKHOUSES