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David Lissner
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Surefire Signs of Spring in Chicago

From farmers’ markets to iced coffee queues, this is how you know spring has really sprung. Signs of Spring Everyone in Chicago knows that spring doesn’t really start in March. With typically unpredictable weather, the season is often delayed a few weeks until that precise perfect moment everybody realizes we’ve endured another winter and spring is […]

Year Round Rooftop Bars for Winter Warmth

Year Round Rooftop Bars: These soaring spots keep things hot all year round . . Does winter have you feeling blue? In dire need of a dose of Vitamin D and the illusion of warmer weather? Fortunately for you, Chicago has filled up nicely in recent years with a handful of rooftop terraces, bars and restaurants […]

Dining at During the Air & Water Show

Dining at During the Air & Water Show   In case the thunderous calamity of jets don’t give it away, this weekend marks the annual Air and Water Show over the city and along its shores. Taking place August 15 and 16, coupled with preceding days of “practice runs,” it’s pretty impossible to avoid the […]