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BBQ Brisket Burgers, Porkchop Pig Roast: Weekend Planner

BBQ Brisket Burgers   BBQ Brisket Burgers at 25 Degrees Seeing as May is both National BBQ Month and National Burger Month, you’d best maximize your meat intake. Visit THE dec ROOFTOP LOUNGE + BAR The forecast may say differently, but spring is here and summer is on its way, and there’s no better way to […]

Dry-aged Beef Day, Wine 101, Pisco Sour Class: Weekend Planner

Dry-aged Beef Day, Wine 101, Pisco Sour Class: Weekend Planner   Dry-aged Beef Day at Eataly Beef up your weekend with a visit to Eataly on Dry-Aged Beef Day, Friday, April 17. For one day only, Eataly is showcasing dry-aged beef by offering two cuts of prime dry-aged beef at bargain prices, aka 50% off. Typically […]

Taste of Sardinia, After-work Specials at A10, Farmer’s Dinners

Taste of Sardinia, After-work Specials at A10, Farmer’s Dinners Taste of Sardinia, After-work Specials at A10, Farmer’s Dinners Traveling to Sardinia is a lot more economical when there’s no airfare involved. Instead, head to Labriola Ristorante & Cafe on April 14 for the Taste of Sardinia wine dinner, a deep dive into the flavorful stylings […]

Burger News: Burger Wars, Burger Bar Menu

Burger News: Burger Wars Rain or shine, cold weather or hot, cravings for burgers in Chicago endure. Unlike braised meats or pumpkin pie or fresh blueberries, burgers are a source of comfort all year round, and we can never get enough. Feeding our insatiable lust for ground beef are a couple new burger incentives around […]

Tre Soldi, White Oak Tavern: Brunch Bites

Tre Soldi, White Oak Tavern   Tre Soldi, White Oak Tavern In this week’s batch of brunch bites, Tre Soldi puts a Roman spin on the American weekend pastime and White Oak Tavern & Inn raises the brunch bar in Lincoln Park.   Brunch may be as American as apple pie and baseball, but that […]

III Forks Chicago: Sommelier for a Day Wine Tasting

III Forks Chicago: Tucked away in the quiet residential neighborhood of Lakeshore East in the downtown area, the slick III Forks certainly stands out. It’s one of the few places where you can get a great prime aged steak in the Chicago Loop, and it doesn’t hurt that you can also dine on one of […]

Dining Chicago Brunch Bites: Sophie’s and Azzurra

Dining Chicago Brunch Bites: Brunch is a booming business in Chicago, and it can be hard to navigate the ins and outs, especially when so many strollers are blocking the way. Each week we highlight some of the most notable brunch news and dining happenings around town. Here are your latest brunch bites. In this […]

Eat With a Chicago View to Beat the Winter Blues

Cabin fever make you want to die? Get your Chicago View this winter. Before succumbing to the throes of seasonal affective disorder, bundle up and head upwards, to bars and restaurants where you can dine and drink with spectacular views that will make you actually sorta like winter. You know, for the views not the […]

A Look Inside Cicchetti

(Cicchetti in progress. Photo: Cicchetti) Are you ready for some Cicchetti? Streeterville is about to get a serious infusion of Venetian-inspired cuisine as owner Dan Rosenthal and chef Mike Sheerin prepare to open one of the most important restaurants that neighborhood has seen in years. Due mid-December, Cicchetti draws its name from Venetian small plates, sort […]

It’s Raining Chai at Local Restaurants

Be at the autumnal blues with these new chai-infused creations.  (Fall cocktails at Scofflaw. Hint: chai is featured) I remember a time when I thought chai was so exotic and rare. I saw it on the menu at a coffee shop in New Hampshire and became curious. Of course, most random coffee shops in New Hampshire making […]