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David Lissner
for restaurants

Chicago drinks up Hinckley & Schmitt’s water

In the 19th century, most Chicagoans drank untreated water from Lake Michigan. Before the reversal of the Chicago River in 1900, raw sewage flowed into the lake and the water was frequently contaminated with the effluvia of slaughterhouses and factories. Water-borne diseases, such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery, were common. If you could, you bought […]

Will you pay more for ‘The Pause That Refreshes’?

Would increased taxes on soda pop make you give up Coke and Green River and drink water instead? Or will you just have a beer?

Two rivers: Drinking green in Chicago this St. Patrick’s Day

Who cares if they don’t tint beer green in Ireland? I don’t know who first thought of green beer, but in a town that boasts not one but three separate St. Patrick’s Day parades, I shouldn’t have to tell you why green-dyed beer is a Chicago thing, or when and where to find it. Therefore […]

Good news for ginger ale lovers

Chef Bruce Cost’s zippy fresh ginger ales, served at Big Bowl and Wow Bow, are now being bottled! The restaurants continue to mix fresh ginger ales to order for in-house diners, but you can now buy bottles to take home. “I’ve been wanting to do this for 20 years,” says Cost, who first developed the […]