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David Lissner
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Are you willing to pay for restaurant bread?

Lisa Shames, dining editor for Chicago Social, doesn’t mind forking over up to $7 for a bread basket, according to her recent article in the Sun-Times. Indian restaurants have long charged by the piece for their handmade naans and parathas, but Western eateries typically have included bread in the price of the meal. Now, Shames […]

Is Charlie Trotter a has-been?

The New York Times says Chicago chef Charlie Trotter has been “left behind.” What do you think?

Top 10 Chicago restaurant recipes of 2010

Top 10 most-popular recipes of the past year from Dining Chicago.

Great American Beer Fest names Chicago’s top brews

Several Chicagoland brews came home with medals from the recent Great American Beer Festival, the largest commercial beer competition in the world.

Do only barbarians put ketchup on hot dogs?

Chicagoans aren’t the only ones who think ketchup on hot dogs is abominable. (Part 7 of a series in honor of National Hot Dog Month.)

Will you pay more for ‘The Pause That Refreshes’?

Would increased taxes on soda pop make you give up Coke and Green River and drink water instead? Or will you just have a beer?

Join the fight for life: Dine out on Thursday

The single largest HIV/AIDS benefit in the country, the 17th Annual Dining Out for Life, takes place Thursday, April 29. A portion of your meal check at a variety of Chicago and suburban restaurants will benefit AIDSCare Progressive Services, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Chicagoans with HIV/AIDS through housing,

The best Chicago restaurants ever? Really?

What would you add to the list? What would you leave off?

Is Chicago the capital of ‘molecular gastronomy’?

The launch of Moto’s “Future Food” TV show, together with closing of Ferran Adria’s groundbreaking El Bulli restaurant in Spain, positions Chicago as the world capital of molecular gastronomy.

Has bacon jumped the shark?

It’s been nearly four years since I first wrote about the sizzling trend of bacon, and presenting — only slightly tongue-in-cheek — my signature recipe for bacon-wrapped bacon. That was just after John Scalzi taped bacon to his cat. Bacon was still going strong more than a year later, when Pilsen Chef Justin Hall (Fig […]