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David Lissner
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What to Eat This Week: New Menu Items at Province, Takito Kitchen, Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, bellyQ

New fall menus continue to debut in Chicago, which means there are lots of new things to eat around town. Here are some ideas for what to eat this week. (Roasted winter squash at Takito Kitchen. You want this now.) There’s always something new to eat in Chicago, but especially as seasons change and menus […]

Drown Your Work Week Woes in Wine Wednesdays

Province and Nana are two restaurants offering their own versions of wine specials mid-week, helping ease the sting of the work week with potable bargains. Restaurants: Province, Nana Wine makes everything better, including Wednesdays. And droll work weeks. Restaurants know this and want to help you. Helping us all get over the mid-week hump, Province and Nana are two restaurants […]

Tomato Bucket List 2013

Tomatoes are one of the most quintessential summer foods, and when they’re in season, chefs go wild for them. Nowadays you can find tomatoes in multiple iterations all over restaurants in Chicago. Here’s a thorough list of some of the city’s top tomato dishes of the summer. When tomatoes roll into season, you shut up […]