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David Lissner
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What to Eat This Week: Mini Cupcakes, Caramel Apples, and Asian-Gastro Creations

(Caramel apple doused in s’mores and a doughnut) New dishes and drinks are constantly debuting in Chicago restaurants, cafes, bars, and bakeries, which means there are lots of new things to eat around town. Here are some ideas for what to eat this week. There’s always something new to eat in Chicago, but especially as seasons […]

Sweet of the Week: Pandan-White Chocolate Mousse at OON Restaurant

Chicago is a city with a sweet tooth, packed with unique pastries and desserts in every neighborhood restaurant and bakery. I’m a guy with a sweet tooth, so each week I’ll report on a different dessert you need to try. I mean, I’ll eat more than one dessert of course, but only one standout confection […]