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David Lissner
for restaurants

Soo-ee! Pig plays and pig outs in August in Chicago

In Chicagoland this month, there are pigs”you can watch … and other pigs you can eat. Don’t get them mixed up!

Relishing Chicago’s 10 funniest hot-dog joints

Every neighborhood in Chicagoland has a hot-dog stand, a gyros place or an Italian beef joint. Often, the menus aren’t much different from one to the next — typically encompassing all three Chicago favorites.

So how do you tell which is which? By the sign outside!

Upscale Chicago eateries serving prisoners’ produce

Upscale restaurants such as Charlie Trotter’s in Lincoln Park andThe Publican in the West Loop are quietly benefitting from the labor of Cook County Jail inmates.

Six heartfelt (chocolate) traditions for Valentine’s Day in Chicago

Well before we were married, my husband, that crafty man, established a sweet Valentine’s Day custom. Each year on Feb. 14, he gives me a heart-shaped box of chocolates. (Then he eats half of them.) It’s a tradition. As much as I might yearn for, say, diamonds or rubies, I know I can expect that […]