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David Lissner
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Eat this! Five fish recipes for Lent

t’s Ash Wednesday, the start of the abstemious season of Lent. You might be giving up meat on Fridays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. Check out these recipes from Chicago restaurants.

100 Chicago restaurants open Christmas Day 2011

You don’t have to cook Christmas dinner.

55 Chicago-area restaurants open Christmas Day 2010

You don’t have to cook on Christmas Day in Chicago. Scores of restaurants and bars will be open to serve you, many serving special holiday meals. Call ahead to check on hours and menus; reservations may be required. 33 Club, Old Town, American 676 Restaurant and Bar, Loop, American Allgauer’s Restaurant, Alsip, American Ann Sather, […]

45 places in Chicago to eat Thanksgiving dinner 2010

Whether you’re on the North Side, the South Side or in the suburbs, you don’t have to cook your own Thanksgiving dinner. Chicago-area restaurants offer bountiful holiday feasts for almost every budget. Call for hours and menu details. Reservations are highly recommended if not required everywhere. Many restaurants also offer complete Thanksgiving dinners for carry […]

Relishing Chicago’s 10 funniest hot-dog joints

Every neighborhood in Chicagoland has a hot-dog stand, a gyros place or an Italian beef joint. Often, the menus aren’t much different from one to the next — typically encompassing all three Chicago favorites.

So how do you tell which is which? By the sign outside!

Eat this! Shichimi togarashi, zesty Japanese seasoning

A zippy Japanese seasoning blend, shichimi togarashi, or seven-spice mix, typically contains red chilies, Szechuan pepper (sansho in Japanese), roasted orange peel, white and black sesame seeds, seaweed and ginger.

Very last-minute guide to Easter brunch in Chicago

Hello, procrastinators! Still looking for Easter brunch ideas? These restaurants around the Chicago area are still reporting openings. Call for reservations now!

50 Chicagoland restaurants and bars open on Christmas Day

You don’t have to eat Chinese food on Christmas.

60 more Chicagoland restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner

Is there anyone left cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home? Most restaurants used to close on Thanksgiving, but no more. Last week I ran a list of 25 Chicagoland restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner and apparently only scratched the surface. I’ve heard from dozens more Chicago and suburban restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving. So here […]

Escape NRA crowds with suburban deals

With the National Restaurant Show in town through Tuesday, you can expect Chicago’s hot spots to be jammed, especially those within an easy cab ride of McCormick Place. So this might be a good weekend to check out some place different in the suburbs. The discount deals at these destinations will leave you with enough […]