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David Lissner
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8 great holiday entertaining recipes from Chicago chefs

Holiday cooking and entertaining season has come upon us. If you’re looking for new ideas for your own holiday parties or dishes to take along to friends’, try these terrific recipes from Chicago chefs. Lillie’s Q, Wicker Park, pimento cheese, a Southern party spread. Shokran, Irving Park, zaalouk, Moroccan eggplant spread. Rhapsody, Loop, arancini, Italian […]

Eat this! Kefta, spicy meaty morsels from the Middle East

Ubiquitous throughout the Middle East, kefta is highly seasoned ground meat, typically shaped into meatballs, logs or small patties.

Top 10 Chicago restaurant recipes of 2009

The Dining Chicago blog hasn’t been around a whole year yet, and our weekly “Eat this!” recipe column has been going an even shorter time, but that isn’t going to stop us from giving you a list of our most popular recipes from 2009. The list below contains our most-visited recipes from local restaurants. Petterino’s, […]

Eat this! Zaalouk, a cooked salad from Morocco

What it is: Zaalouk is a traditional Moroccan salad made of eggplant and tomatoes, cooked to a puree. “It’s an authentic Moroccan dish that can be served hot or cold, says Chef Khalid Kamal, owner of Shokran in Irving Park. Where it comes from: “Salads” in Moroccan cuisine describe a whole range of cooked vegetable […]