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National Ice Cream Month Get The Scoop

National Ice Cream Month Get The Scoop   There’s valid reasons why people scream for ice cream. And it’s not only because that alliteration sounds smooth. In the heat of summer, there is nothing more sweetly satisfying than a cooling scoop of ice cream. And with July being National Ice Cream Month, there’s no better time to […]

Top Scoops for National Ice Cream Month

Ice Cream Month: With July being National Ice Cream Month and July 20 being National Ice Cream Day, now is the perfect time to start screaming for summer’s signature dessert. There’s a reason people allegedly scream for ice cream. And it’s not just because the alliteration sounds smooth. At the peak of summer, there is […]

Date Spot: A Study, Top 10 Date Spots

Date Spot: Please go to Dining Chicago on Facebook and let us know your favorite places to date and breakup Much is said of first date spots, even second date spots, but what about places to go for a third date, fourth date, and so on? Here is your definitive guide to ideal Chicago restaurants for dates one […]

Sweet of the Week: Marshmallow Fudge Milkshake at Margie’s Candies

  (Fudge marshmallow milkshake at Margie’s Candies) There’s nothing quite like a milkshake in November to give cold weather the middle finger. I don’t care what anybody says, I scream for ice cream and ice cream-adjacent confections all year long, regardless how frigid it makes my insides feel. My favorite thing of all is the […]