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David Lissner
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Milkshakes for a Good Cause, Sushi Sunday Suppers

Milkshakes for a Good Cause . Milkshakes for a Good Cause Milkshakes taste even better when they’re for a good cause. That’s why you should indulge freely through the end of the month at M Burger Skokie, which is helping support Misericordia by donating $1 from every mocha shake to the organization that supports people […]

Steak & Eggs in Chicago Top Spots

Steak & Eggs in Chicago Steak & Eggs in Chicago Valois: For Steak & Eggs this uber old-school cafeteria-style restaurant in Hyde Park has been slinging steak and eggs and other all-American staples for decades. It recently spiked in popularity due to President Obama’s vocal adoration of the restaurant, which is easy to understand once you […]

Best Places to Brunch in February

Best Places to Brunch in February   Best Places to Brunch in February Wondering where to eat brunch this weekend? In honor of Valentine’s month, this week’s roundup is all about indulgent sweets. From croissants to piled-high French toast, here’s our picks for the top brunch spots in Chicago this month: SEE FULL STORY   Latinicity Launches […]

Booze Up Your Brunch

Six Great Places to Booze Up Your Brunch   What is brunch without a little booze? Sure, there’s coffee and orange juice, but the lazy weekend repast is just so much more satisfying adjoined by a brunch cocktail or two. From crafty Bloody Marys to coffee cocktails, here are our picks for Chicago’s most essential […]

The Year of Mike Sheerin

The Year of Mike Sheerin He also announced he would take the role of executive chef at Embeya     SEE FULL STORY   Everybody loves a comeback. Just look at the years-long fanfare following the demise and subsequent renaissance of Britney Spears. Right here in Chicago, we’re in the midst of one of the greatest […]

Best Soft serve at A10: Sweet of the Week

Best Soft serve   SEE FULL STORY   I never thought I’d crave a beet and goat cheese salad for dessert, but A10 has me singing a different tune. The savory duo, a common combo for the salad course, gets the dessert treatment in top form at the Hyde Park restaurant. Here, the dessert course […]

Valois and The Duck Inn: Brunch Bites

Valois and The Duck Inn: #Brunch Bites SEE FULL STORY   On a rapidly gentrifying street in Hyde Park, Valois stands strong. The casual, decades-old cafeteria is still hotter than ever, even when faced with the hyper popularity of froufrou brunches. A recent visit to this south side institution prompted an homage to one of […]

The Drinks of Summer

The Drinks of Summer:   Just like every summer needs an anthemic song, there also needs to be a signature drink. What “Crazy in Love” was to 2002, the Negroni slushie at Parson’s Chicken & Fish was to 2013. See how that works? These are standout drinks that capture the essence of the season. They must […]

The Promontory: First Taste

The Promontory: First Taste   Walking into The Promontory is like walking into an enormous house party, if that house was a modern cabin palace with a huge central bar, outdoor fire pits, and a wood-burning oven clearly visible from the dining room. Friendly servers and bartenders shimmy to and fro, greeting guests and making […]

Taste of Sardinia, After-work Specials at A10, Farmer’s Dinners

Taste of Sardinia, After-work Specials at A10, Farmer’s Dinners Taste of Sardinia, After-work Specials at A10, Farmer’s Dinners Traveling to Sardinia is a lot more economical when there’s no airfare involved. Instead, head to Labriola Ristorante & Cafe on April 14 for the Taste of Sardinia wine dinner, a deep dive into the flavorful stylings […]