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David Lissner
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Happy National Hot Dog Day!

Even Pres. Barack Obama agrees: “You shouldn’t put ketchup on your hot dog.” (All the Republicans are now rushing out for Heinz.) Hot dogs are our national treasure, even though they are uniquely regional. In 2010, one of Chicago’s more unique dog recipes was served to politicians attending the annual congressional picnic. Mike Payne went […]

Hot dog! Five of Chicago’s best wieners

National Hot Dog Month is with us again. Try some great locally made dogs from Chicago sausage makers. Bobak’s Sausage Co. in Garfield Ridge makes natural-casing all-beef, all-pork and all-veal wieners. Crawford Sausage Co., founded in 1925 on what was then South Crawford Road in Little Village, makes Daisy Brand hot dogs. They’re best known […]

Five fabulous Chicago Father’s Day ideas

Dad’s Day is coming up Sunday. Here are our picks for great Father’s Day gifts. Sign Dad up to learn the art of barbecue with Barn & Company Pit Master Gary Wiviott, author of “Low & Slow: Master the Art of Barbecue in 5 Easy Lessons.” Wivott’s Grill Master Series classes at the Lincoln Park […]

Friday food porn: Spring wiener

Classic Chicago: A natural-casing Vienna Beef hot dog on a poppyseed bun, with pickle spear, tomato wedges, chopped onion, yellow mustard, sport peppers, neon-green relish and a dash of celery salt, $2.25 at The Dog House, a walk-up stand in Irving Park, now open for the season.

Friday food porn: A Lenten wiener to love

Giving up meat on Fridays for Lent? You can still enjoy a Chicago-style hot dog with all the trimmings. Phil’s Last Stand makes its own veggie dogs in-house from roasted onions, sweet potatoes, eggplant and yellow peppers and then tops them with traditional Chicago condiments. The dog is $3.50 and comes with fresh-cut fries. Phil’s […]

Sterns, Roadfood to tour Chicago and Milwaukee

Food guidebook authors Jane and Michael Stern and the crew will be coming to Chicago Friday and Saturday, Oct. 28 and 29, for a culinary bus tour of our fair city as well as nearby Milwaukee. In Wisconsin, the Roadfooders will sample kringle, frozen custard, butter burgers and fish fry. The Windy City part […]

Hot news! Chicago’s wiener officially the biggest

The Big Hot Dog, produced by Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats, a sideline for the folks behind Chicago’s Gorilla Tango Theatre, has been named the world’s largest commercially available hot dog by the Guinness Book of World Records. Gorilla Tango introduced the 16-inch-long, 4-inch-diameter, 7-pound wienie in January 2010. “I always knew I had something special […]

Handmade hot dogs back for National Hot Dog Month

Not your usual wiener works, Seasons Lounge and Bar in Streeterville’s Four Seasons Hotel is serving Chef Kevin Hickey’s housemade frankfurters in celebration of National Hot Dog Month.

National Hot Dog Month: Five top Chicago franks to try

During National Hot Dog Month in July, why not visit some area sausage makers and try some great locally made dogs?

Doggone big deals for Cubs and White Sox openers

Since hot dogs and baseball go together like a bat and a glove, some Chicago spots are offering opening-day wiener deals.