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David Lissner
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Surefire Signs of Spring in Chicago

From farmers’ markets to iced coffee queues, this is how you know spring has really sprung. Signs of Spring Everyone in Chicago knows that spring doesn’t really start in March. With typically unpredictable weather, the season is often delayed a few weeks until that precise perfect moment everybody realizes we’ve endured another winter and spring is […]

“West Winds” Dinner at Lula Cafe

“West Winds” Dinner at Lula Cafe . As former Intro chef-in-residence Jessica Largey prepares to open her own restaurant, Simone, in Los Angeles, she’s back in town for a special event at Lula Cafe that you won’t want to miss. On August 8, Largey will team with Lula’s Sarah Rinkavage for a five-course guest chef […]

Meals on Wheels Chicago Celebrity Chef Ball, Green City Market Culinary Garage Sale

……….Meals on Wheels Chicago Celebrity Chef Ball, Green City Market Culinary Garage Sale, Krupp Brothers Wine Dinner, Happy Hour at Bread & Wine . . . . . .………………………….……………. SEE FULL STORY . . . One of the best (and my personal favorite) food events of the year is happening this weekend at Morgan Manufacturing. […]

The (Mostly) Veggie Affair of the Season

Veggie Affair of the Season:   Veggie Affair: Green City Market has a knack for throwing can’t-miss food events that engrain themselves as quintessential components of the local dining scene. See: the Green City Market Chef’s BBQ in the summer, oft lauded as the real “Taste of Chicago” and consistently packed with top-tier chef talent […]