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David Lissner
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The 12 Days of Edible and Drinkable Christmas

…..The 12 Days of Edible and Drinkable Christmas . . . Count down to Christmas with ongoing promotions at restaurants and bars throughout Chicago. . . . . Partridges in pear trees are all well and good, but counting down to Christmas is a lot more rewarding when there is food and booze involved. Chicago […]

Halloween Dining, Drinking, Snacking Guide

. . . . …….Halloween Dining, Drinking, Snacking Guide . . ……………. SEE FULL STORY . . . . . . . Fat Rice: Inspired by Kill Bill, that famous Tarantino kung-flu film starring a vengeful Uma Thurman, Fat Rice is serving up “Kill Grill” for Halloween, transforming into a “haunted izakaya” for the holiday. […]

National S’mores Day 2015, Taco Tuesday, Indian Independence Day: Weekday Planner

National S’mores Day 2015, Taco Tuesday, Indian Independence Day: Weekday Planner     Top Picks for National S’mores Day   Summer’s quintessential dessert gets its due diligence on August 10, which just so happens to be National S’mores Day. In honor of the gooey occasion, we’ve rounded up some top picks for s’more supremacy around Chicago: […]

Chicago Restaurants Brunch Bites: Fish Bar and iNG

In this week’s batch of brunch bites, Fish Bar begins brunch and iNG serves brunch for the first time ever.   Ahoy! There’s a new brunch menu in town and it’s positively riddled with nautical puns. Fish Bar is the latest restaurant to instate brunch, serving up seafaring dishes in the a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays beginning March 15. […]

Sweet of the Week: Key Lime Pie at Fish Bar

In The Mood For A Little Key lime Pie?     In the epic battle between cake and pie, I whole-heartedly believe pie is superior. Let’s be real, NO ONE needs that much buttercream frosting. After a few bites, it starts to hurt my teeth and make me want to die a little. Why not […]