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David Lissner
for restaurants

The Promontory: First Taste

The Promontory: First Taste   Walking into The Promontory is like walking into an enormous house party, if that house was a modern cabin palace with a huge central bar, outdoor fire pits, and a wood-burning oven clearly visible from the dining room. Friendly servers and bartenders shimmy to and fro, greeting guests and making […]

Good Stuff Eatery: First Taste:

Good Stuff Eatery: First Taste Spike Mendelsohn brings his D.C.-based burger brand to Chicago.   The burger boom in Chicago shows no sign of abating any time soon. Not only is the city jam-packed with original burger concepts all its own — M Burger, Kuma’s Corner, Au Cheval, and Epic Burger among some favorites — but we’ve seen a huge […]

First Taste: Nonna’s

First Taste: Nonna’s I take my eggplant Parmesan very seriously. Need I remind you about the come-to-Jesus moment I had upon eating a recent eggplant Parm sub in Chicago? It’s a food I hold especially near and dear to my heart, so I flip at the chance to try a new version when they pop […]

XOCO Bistro: First Taste

XOCO Bistro: First Taste Rick Bayless has achieved demigod status in the restaurant world; he’s a chef who seamlessly commands a Mexican dining empire as well as respect and admiration from peers and diners near and far. In River North, Topolobampo and Frontera Grill are timeless keystones that draw customers from all over the country and beyond. […]

Lost Lake and Thank You: First Taste

Lost Lake and Thank You:   Venerable Land and Sea Dept. hitches their wagon to Paul McGee’s star for a bold new tiki bar and Chinese takeout concept on the edge of Logan Square and Avondale. The trajectory of Paul McGee’s cocktail career over the past few years has been quite impressive. Criss-crossing the city, […]

Dove’s Luncheonette: First Taste

Dove’s Luncheonette: First Taste   Dove’s Luncheonette: One Off Hospitality expands its repertoire with a Tex-Mex-esque diner in Wicker Park.   Like a genre-bending pop star equipped with the ability to thoroughly reinvent their image periodically, One Off Hospitality has a knack for honing sharp new concepts for each new venture. If we’re comparing the powerhouse […]

First Taste: El Metro

El Metro: El Metro brings yet another taco option to the tortilla-packed Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village/West Town area. In the Ukrainian Village area, taco spots are about as prominent as beards and ironic plaid. Good news for me, since I could live off tacos and if there was some sort of taco equivalent for a Willy […]

First Taste: Leghorn Chicken

First Taste: Leghorn Chicken: #LEGHORN CHICKEN #DINING CHICAGO #CHICAGO BEST STEAK I’ve secretly always wanted to eat at Chik-fil-A, but I never have, for obvious reasons. I prefer my chicken sandwiches sans bigotry, thank you very much. Which is why Leghorn Chicken was such a dream come true for me. The idea of an anti-Chik-fil-A, a fried chicken […]