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David Lissner
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Fall Restaurants We’re Hungry For

                     Fall Restaurants We’re Hungry For       SEE FULL STORY   It seems like just yesterday we were salivating over the onset of Broken Shaker, GreenRiver,Sink|Swim, Bar Siena, Pomp and Circumstance, and the new iteration of Johnny’s Grill. Another summer has come and gone, bringing […]

Apple Bucket List: Apples Are Rolling Onto Menus Faster Than

Apple Bucket List: Apple Bucket List: This time of year, apples are rolling onto menus faster than Ichabod Crane’s head can fly off his shoulders. From savory dishes and desserts to cocktails aplenty, here’s everything apple-flavored that you should be eating and drinking this season.   Fat Rice: Anything Fat Rice does merits attention and […]

Think Outside the Pie With This Pumpkin Bucket List at Local Restaurants

Pumpkin pie is all well and good, but there’s more to fall eating than pie crust. With pumpkins at their seasonal apex, here’s a roundup of some unconventional pumpkin creations on restaurant menus around Chicago.   Everyone loves a good pumpkin pie. It’s quintessential fall comfort at its best, and rightfully so. The period of […]

A Spectacle of Fall Flavors at Sixteen

Sitting down to dinner at Sixteen recently, on the first evening of their new fall menu, I was greeted with a “menu” that reminded me of the spell book in Hocus Pocus. Not many restaurants can tug on such heartstrings. But Sixteen is not just any restaurant. Under the direction of executive chef Thomas Lents and pastry chef […]

The Quintessential Fall Foods From the Quintessential Foodies

_ Few things personify fall quite like butternut squash. In a myriad of forms, the Ninja Turtle-hued gourd takes over menus this time of year, and people love it. Paul Fehribach of Big Jones cites butternut squash soup as his quintessential fall dish. He likes his topped with fried sage and truffle oil, heavy on ginger, allspice, […]