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David Lissner
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New Gluten-free Restaurant Standouts in Chicago

(Gluten-free cupcakes — and one gluten-full cupcake lower left — from more) Less Gluten is More at more A Gluten-Free Restaurant, More or Less “We didn’t want to do gluten-free cupcakes until we had the formula just perfect,” says Patty Rothman, owner of Chicago’s chicest cupcake boutique, more. The fastidious cupcake maven worked tirelessly to […]

New Gluten-free Standouts in Chicago Restaurants

More and more Chicago Restaurants & Bakeries are offering thoughtful alternatives for gluten-free diners, with such care and precision that you’d hardly know these dishes were lacking in gluten. A new line of cupcakes at more and a roster of dishes at Summer House Santa Monica are among the most notable gluten-free newcomers  in Chicago Restaurants. […]

What to Eat This Week: Mini Cupcakes, Caramel Apples, and Asian-Gastro Creations

(Caramel apple doused in s’mores and a doughnut) New dishes and drinks are constantly debuting in Chicago restaurants, cafes, bars, and bakeries, which means there are lots of new things to eat around town. Here are some ideas for what to eat this week. There’s always something new to eat in Chicago, but especially as seasons […]