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David Lissner
for restaurants

Are you willing to pay for restaurant bread?

Lisa Shames, dining editor for Chicago Social, doesn’t mind forking over up to $7 for a bread basket, according to her recent article in the Sun-Times. Indian restaurants have long charged by the piece for their handmade naans and parathas, but Western eateries typically have included bread in the price of the meal. Now, Shames […]

Haute stuff: Snail caviar … for the Avenues, not the back yard

  “Echoing flavors of earth, soil, rain, oak leaves, moss and overall terroir of the forest. I cannot think of a more amazing product that exudes all of these flavors in one bite other than snail caviar,” writes Avenues Chef Curtis Duffy in his blog. “It is earthy, dirty, raw and in your face with […]

The few, the rich, the bubbly

Forbes recently published a Survivor’s Guide for the Affluent, which noted, among other things, that the wealthy are shying away from conspicuous consumption in these recessionary times. For example, they’re substituting carrots for caviar at parties and buying pricey gewgaws online instead of shopping in public. It’s safer, don’t you know? “It’s tough out there […]