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David Lissner
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Booze News: Chicago Craft Spirits Week

Chicago Craft Spirits Week runs Sept. 23-28 with cocktail-focused dinners, in-store tastings and more. Launched in 2012 by North Shore and KOVAL distilleries, Chicago Craft Spirits Week showcases local products at a number of venues around town. North Shore owner and event organizer Sonja Kassebaum says that they started the event to “establish Chicago as a presence in the industry and our market as a hub for […]

Booze News: At The Movies

You don’t want to miss out on the Music Box’s latest offering, “Malty Matinees.” The series of booze-focused films occurs every third Monday of the month through November, beginning Sept. 16.   Plan on playing hooky from work at least three times in the next few months. Why? Because you don’t want to miss out […]