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David Lissner
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Pre-game for the Marathon at These Pasta and Protein Palaces

…………Pre-game for the Marathon at These Pasta and Protein Palaces . . ……………..SEE FULL STORY . .. Whether you’re running or not, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon is an apt excuse to splurge on pasta and meat with reckless abandon, all in the name of “fueling up.” The carbs and proteins are essential for […]

Sticky Pony Races, Derby Day, Fountainhead’s Rooftop, Anniversary Brunch: Weekend Planner

Sticky Pony Races, Derby Day   Sticky Pony Races at Harry’s Velvet Room The Kentucky Derby races into action this weekend, and while you may not be at Churchill Downs, the next best thing may very well be the Stick Pony Race at Harry’s Velvet Room. Taking place at 3:00 p.m. on May 2, the […]

Weekend Planner, Thanksgiving Edition

No matter the time of year, there is always lots to do, eat, and drink in Chicago. Here are some of the hottest happenings this weekend.     (Trenchermen. Photo: Derek Richmond) Wish Ceres’ Table a Happy Anniversary Ceres’ Table turns four this weekend, and like any good fourth birthday, they’re celebrating with complimentary cocktails. Come […]